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The MASK is another development from our "The Natural Laboratory" and was developed in close cooperation with our Taiwanese partners Hermin Textile and WEAVISM . Taiwan has a long tradition of developing products and early warning systems against pandemic outbreaks. The country is considered a prime example in dealing with Corona. People with face masks shape the cityscape of many Taiwanese cities. They are by no means an expression of isolation, as we Europeans assume, but rather an expression of respect for one's fellow human beings, because anyone who has even the slightest hint of a cough wears a mask.

So it is understandable that the masks have been professionalized over time, both in terms of fit, function and durability. In times of Corona, the government in Taiwan has regulated the issue of medical masks to 3 per person per week. Many textile masks were therefore developed to protect medical masks and thus enable a longer service life for the disposable mask.

All of these findings were the subject of our latest The Natural Laboratory project. The MASK combines the usual principles of JECKYBENG, in which functionality and sustainability result in a perfect symbiosis.

The MASK is based on a 2-layer principle. Each layer has an assigned task and is perfectly matched to its intended use. Both the outer and the inner layer facing the mouth are particularly tightly woven and equipped with a highly effective antibacterial agent* to offer the wearer and those around him maximum protection. In particularly exposed situations, such as a visit to the hospital, a medical mask can also be inserted in between.

The antibacterial finish is based on a complex physical principle in which positively charged, microscopically small spikes attract the negatively charged outer walls of bacteria and cause them to burst like soap bubbles. This technology was introduced into the public air filtration systems of several major Asian cities during the first SARS epidemic in 2003 and has proven to be very effective in fighting the spread of viruses and bacteria. Its natural base, which does not contain heavy metals such as silver and zinc and is therefore classified as harmless to the respiratory tract, was particularly helpful here.

The MASK is in black and in our “Gletscher Allover Print” by photographer Julia N imke available. Thanks to its adjustable elastic straps, the model fits both adults and children.

In addition, Hermin Textile and JECKYBENG donated 2,000 masks to the everyday heroes of the Diakonie-Pflege Verbund Berlin.

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Jenny Pieper-Kempf, public relations:
“The face masks are great. By far the best quality reusable cloth masks we have received!”

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