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The Natural Laboratory Project

Together with the Taiwanese fabric expert HERMIN, we have launched The Natural Laboratory Project . The project uses the science of bionics to transfer natural features and phenomena to textile surfaces, with a focus on renewable raw materials such as cotton, wool, linen and cellulose and palm fibers. The aim is to highlight the natural properties of these materials and combine them with the latest weaving, yarn and finishing technologies. The resulting fabrics are a natural alternative to modern synthetic materials and are produced in harmony with nature.

Excellent collaboration International German Sustainability Award

We won the German Sustainability Award in the "International" category! For the first time, the German Sustainability Award was also presented in the International category. The award was given for the collaboration between the textile companies Jeckybeng from Berlin and HerMin Textile from Taiwan, who operate a joint laboratory for the functional properties of sustainable textiles. The aim is to develop resource-saving materials and fabrics for a circular strategy.
German Sustainability Award 2024

Water-repellent organic cotton fabric

We have spent years developing our own water-repellent organic cotton fabric. It is made from extra thin and long-staple cotton fibers using a very tight and traditional weaving technique. After drying, the fabric opens its pores to breathe. When wet, the coated cotton fibers swell, sealing the fabric and making it water-repellent.

Organic cotton ripstop fabric.

Our windproof fabric is made from thousands of thin cotton fibers using a special weaving technique. Based on the principles of geological compaction, the fabric is permanently compacted under pressure and temperature, giving the material its characteristic shiny appearance.

Plastic-free softshell fabric

The material made of 92% organic cotton, 6% mulesing-free merino wool and 2% compostable elastane was developed in collaboration with "The Natural Laboratory" and gets its characteristic softshell look from a twisted weaving technique. The water-repellent yarns are woven exclusively on the outside. This rare and highly complex weaving technique enables us to produce in just one layer.

Open source model

We are not only developing these new materials for JECKYBENG's own use, but are also making these materials available to other brands as an open source model. We are happy to accept B2B inquiries at or you can order directly from the Natural Laboratory Shop .