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No PFAS chemicals

At JECKYBENG we have been avoiding PFAS chemicals since our first jacket

What are PFAS?

PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals known as perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances. They are used to make numerous products because they are water-repellent and extremely durable. This is why they are often found in pans, weatherproof clothing, food packaging or insulation, for example. The almost 5,000 man-made PFAS chemicals are on the EU list of particularly dangerous substances.

Why are PFAS called “forever chemicals”?

The highly fluorinated substances are virtually non-degradable, which has led to them polluting our immediate environment, including food, groundwater and drinking water.

Human studies have found links between exposure to PFAS and a range of health disorders, including several types of cancer, lower birth weight, and negative effects on the immune system. Equally concerning is the fact that PFAS do not break down. These chemicals are extremely long-lasting and can remain in nature for hundreds or even thousands of years, leading many people to refer to them as "forever chemicals."

PFAS movement in the fight against chemicals

We have joined the Swedish non-profit organization ChemSecs PFAS movement.

ChemSec is an international non-profit organisation working to eliminate harmful chemicals in favour of safe alternatives. Through its work, ChemSec aims to create a strong link between researchers, decision-makers and companies in the fight against harmful chemicals. By joining ChemSec's PFAS movement, companies commit to working towards the phasing out of supply chains all PFAS chemicals covered by the EU chemicals regulation REACH, which contains a list of harmful chemicals banned in the EU.

" We attach great importance to responsibility throughout our entire value chain and have made it an integral part of our business strategy. In this context, we attach great importance to ensuring that our products do not contain hazardous chemicals. That is why we have decided to support ChemSec's initiative as it fits very well with our work ",
says Dominik Fuss

" We are very proud and happy that JECKYBENG has joined our PFAS movement. The more companies become aware of the PFAS problem and support the initiative, the greater our opportunities to influence legislation ",
says Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, project leader of the PFAS movement.

Change will not be easy. Until there is a general ban on PFAS, these chemicals will continue to be used in production. By joining the PFAS movement, JECKYBENG is committed to doing its part to rid the world of these harmful substances. For more information, visit the PFAS movement website

Five years ago, we launched The Natural Laboratory to develop wind- and waterproof materials made from natural fibers for our products and will continue to avoid PFAS chemicals.