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Our wool items are made from 100% mulesing free merino wool from Latin America.
In the case of our yarns, the wool flakes have not been chemically removed for a Total Easy Care finish, for which chlorine was usually used in the past and the enzyme Basalan is now used in the EU, nor were the wool flakes treated with synthetic resin as part of the so-called Superwash Hercosett procedure glued. All yarns come from EU production in compliance with the manufacturing criteria valid within the EU.
Yarns from the worsted yarn manufacturers Südwolle, Schoeller, Zwickauer Kammgarn and E.Miroglio/Raumer are used for our woolen items. These yarns are produced in the EU. These are standardized yarns that we or our knitters purchase from one or another of the worsted yarn manufacturers, depending on availability and price. All yarns are Ökotex 100 certified and have not been treated with chlorine. All wool items are knitted and made up at two locations in Germany.
The picture shows a linking machine. The individual parts of the SEAMAN SWEATER (back, front and collar) are connected stitch by stitch using this machine with so-called warp seams. This process is much more complex than working with overlock seams.