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Podcast - Mit Nachhaltigkeit und neuem Verkaufskonzept durch die Krise?

Podcast - With sustainability and a new sales concept through the crisis?

The economic crisis will probably keep us in suspense for quite some time. New sales concepts are all the more important. Maximilian Klein spoke to Thomas Lang , one of our managing directors at JECKYBENG, for Kalkulator von VAI.

In the interview we go into a new sales concept that we derived from our successful Kickstarter campaign. You can find out in the podcast why JECKYBENG's strict, sustainable production method could give us a strategic advantage in Corona times.

It's also about:

03:55 - Marketing spending in times of crisis
04:22 - New way of thinking when selling in Corona times
05:01 - Producing in times of crisis
06:07 - Is Corona forcing the industry to be more sustainable
07:22 - These are the influencers Jeckybeng works with
09:44 - Why Kickstarter is so interesting for the fashion industry
12:28 - The recipe for a successful Kickstarter campaign
14:42 - Dealing with banks and finding alternatives
16:27 - Why production within the EU is worthwhile right now
19:34 - Here's why Shopify is the right choice for Jeckybeng
21:56 - Thomas Lang's three favorite Shopify apps

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