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Interview with Jörg Burow - the Berlin host and owner of the pub Goldesel

Interview with Jörg Burow - the Berlin host and owner of the pub Goldesel

The Goldesel is a typical Berlin neighborhood pub called Kiezkneipe. That is why we feel so comfortable there. The Goldesel was founded in 2007 by Jörg Bürow. A few month later Thomas Lang (co-founder of JECKYBENG) moved to Berlin in the same neighborhood (Kiez). Since then it has been his regular pub and we have a friendship beyond the bar.

In the last 4 weeks we have collected 25% of our sales to save the neighborhood culture and to support the Goldesel . Since there is currently no "high season" with us, we have rounded up the total sum up to € 1,000! Anticipation is the most beautiful joy and so we can hardly wait to toast together again.

Jörg Burow: "The gold donkey is a personality of its own, which changes due to the circumstances of life and remains essentially itself. A full-fledged family member who needs a lot of attention to develop well. Everyday adventure!"

Can you introduce yourself briefly?
Jörg Burow, 44 years old, Berlin

How did you get the gold donkey and what did you do before?
I am a trained carpenter and worked long hours in a pub next to work, I liked that. I didn't really know what I wanted to do in life. Whoever doesn't become a host, I thought to myself. Can't be that difficult. And rented the little shop in my favorite neighborhood.

I quickly realized that having your own shop is different than just working. But the feeling of having your own shop and designing everything yourself was good. So I slowly grew into the role. Today my regular guests affectionately call me "the anti host" because I have never been such a typical gastronomy person. It has grown over the years, with ups and downs. A sofa for the living room feeling, flowers on the tables for comfort.

What is the concept behind it?
7 years ago my current wife Nina, 45 (graphic designer) joined me. Then the little gold donkey got a real family and slowly came of age.

The walls became fuller, the stulls became more detailed, and small stews were added. We rediscovered the pub classics such as Sol-Ei, Harzer with music and crackers. At the same time, the selection of long drinks with good ingredients deepened. Monthly events with self-made delicacies like the Bavarian or recently the mussel meal with a great chef from the neighborhood. Suddenly a concept became apparent, all by itself.

Kiez pub with lovingly prepared classics and carefully selected beers and spirits, small fine wine selection, Kiezliter fits great. Special highlights with extra dishes.
Personal, cozy, familiar. KIEZLOVE!

Is there a favorite beer?
Our favorite beer is our Traunsteiner vom Hahn, it is very popular.

What challenges are you facing due to the corona crisis?
Corona first hit us against the wall at full throttle, we were just so nice on the track. It throws us back with force. But we are sure that we will find our way back on track with our great employees, the dear guests and the beautiful neighborhood and that we can someday pick up on the point again.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years we want to be the same as before Corona. No longer stand behind the counter as often, have more free time.

What makes you happy?
What makes us happy is a well-running shop, no big business, small and nice, nice colleagues, satisfied guests, nice feedback, this family feeling here in the neighborhood with the shop, our team and us.

What does a typical day look like in Jörg Burow's life?
After a late shift in the shop, of which you never know when it will end, but can still be completed quite reliably with nice last guests, sleep in first. But not too long, otherwise the day will be too short. Small breakfast, think about what's coming and get started with the preparations. Since the store is of legal age, there is a lot to do before it opens.

It is quickly 4 pm and the gold donkey is open. Child comes around briefly, the last coffee with the family between the first smeared bags for the guests.
Then the evening, which is now quite labor intensive, begins.

What do you think of the following keywords?

- Social media : great for making appointments. A few pictures on Instagram to convey the feeling of the shop. Otherwise we are rather old school and rely on word of mouth.

- Music: Absolutely the most important thing. The soundtrack of life. Nothing works without solid blues rock.

- Role models : people who manage to be happy. Whether they are famous or not.

- Flow: what hipster shit. Running. Or doesn't run.

- Inspiration: neighborhood, pub culture, Berlin, music

- Adventure: exciting every day. Because you never know what's going on at the counter.



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