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Erfahrungsbericht | Flo

Field report | Flo

After Flo had already described some of the products he had bought with a very detailed evaluation, we wanted to learn more about this customer. Here is the complete testimonial:
My name is Flo. I bought clothes from JECKYBENG, which enrich my everyday life a lot and make my life a little easier. I'll tell you how below.

I live in the country and work in the city. I ride these routes by bike. There are often 30/40 kilometers of cycling a day, in any weather. My purchases end up in the backpack, crates of drinks in the bike trailer. Personally and professionally, I'm constantly out and about, doing work in the forest and garden, occasionally going on long hikes or trips with overnight stays outdoors, traveling on foot, only with the bare essentials on my back.
Professionally, I support people with intellectual disabilities who live in an institution with their children. We caregivers help in everyday life, provide parenting assistance, solve problems, repair or carry stuff, make the forests and playgrounds unsafe together with the children and set ourselves a variety of tasks. I'm constantly moving from one place to another at work, often unexpectedly and sometimes in uncomfortable situations, full of dirt and paint.

This also applies to after work with friends in the park, or on the bike through the forest. Staying soaked and freezing is no fun, no beautiful moment should fail because of that. I'm constantly on the go and just going home to put on new clothes is not. So I have to be prepared for all situations and all weather conditions, preferably without having to pack my backpack with spare clothes, because we all have enough luggage to carry.

My JECKYBENG equipment:

The BACKPACK waxed
Robust space saver guarantees safe and dry transport of my stuff, including sensitive content such as my notebook or my favorite vinyl.
Sits surprisingly well on the back, both on the bike and on hikes.

The Merino Beanie
Well-fitting, breathable hat. I had no idea how pleasant that can be.

My all-rounder for tours in rough and wet weather. As essential as a good pair of shoes! Tour on the bike, wind and rain annoying from all directions. Sometimes it's only a few minutes of Armageddon, then suddenly the sun is beating down on your helmet again and you wish someone would turn down the heating. Stopping, moving, packing, that's annoying and takes time. It also makes no sense to wear a waterproof shell that is not breathable and ultimately lets you arrive at your destination wet, just full of sweat from the inside and, in the worst case, smelling unpleasant - thanks to plastic materials. The Jacket can be handled from the bike, the zippers are easy to grab even with gloves. The two-way zipper guarantees a very comfortable fit of the jacket, for every position. Nothing bothers you when pedaling, perfect length, nothing flaps into the rear wheel. I depend on many closable bags, so I can get along well sorted at work.
The jacket, inside the soft shell, in combination with good shoes did not let me down for many hours in the snow and cold. A long-sleeved shirt made of cotton underneath the soft shell was absolutely sufficient for a multi-hour walk in sub-zero temperatures. The soft shell can be connected to the jacket with two zippers. Fits great and is easy to put on and take off as nothing slips. Ultimately, it was unsuitable gloves that spoiled my time in sub-zero temperatures.

My new everyday companion! Just get out there, tackle here and there. Quickly put on the soft shell. If it takes longer away from home, it's not a problem, I'm packed warm and windproof , thanks to the closable hood. Only with a shirt underneath, but also with a sweatshirt no trace of tightness. Thanks to the small pack size, the soft shell can still be stored anywhere. And in the pockets I get my important stuff safely stowed away.

It was a very long odyssey to find clothes that met my requirements in terms of function, quality and sustainability. Fashionable clothes are not very important to me and at one point in my search I had already given up completely on finding them. And then I found the Eco Urban Outdoor Brand from Bavaria.

My full confidence in JECKYBENG!

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