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Our water-repellent organic cotton fabric

It is made from extra thin and long-staple cotton fibers in a very tight and traditional weaving technique. After drying, the fabric opens its pores to breathe. When wet, the coated cotton fibers swell, sealing the fabric and making it water-repellent.

Our organic cotton comes from China, from farmers who cultivate the cotton according to the GOTS standard.
The process of the entire value chain of the material is also GOTS certified and thus meets the highest standard for organic cotton fibers.
The jacket has a PFC-free surface finish which, in combination with the special weave and twisted cotton thread, makes the fabric water-repellent.
Basically, it is said that this equipment should be renewed after 5 washes, although we have never done this because we actually brush our jackets rather than wash them. If you want to re-impregnate them, we recommend Bionicdry