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about us

As a brand, we stand for a small range – favorite pieces in a timeless design. Like a piece of Bauhaus furniture that can change the color and weight of your fabric but otherwise remain the same for years to come.

With our lifetime repair service, we stand behind the quality of our products and guarantee durability.
In addition, we ensure that we develop products that require less laundering. To be honest, a large part of the ecological footprint is not in the production of a garment, but in the washing and care at home.
PS: How often would you wash a merino sweater?

JECKYBENG stands for responsible action and regional production. We have a friendly relationship with our producers and we always invite our customers to visit our facilities in Germany and Poland.

We have limited ourselves to working with natural materials.
Use their natural properties and constantly develop them further.
The resulting knowledge and products are available to other brands. We call this project The Natural Laboratory .


The love of nature and the touch of adventure - that's exactly what's waiting on your doorstep as soon as your comfortable ass leaves the couch...

The taste of salt on your lips as the sun sinks into the evening and you still can't get enough of the waves. The creaking of deep snow while you take one step after the next and the untracked powder descent is getting closer and closer. The smell of the conifers on the forest trail while the golden autumn sun shines through the branches. Almost indescribable moments in which nature blows the scent of freedom around your nose.

With our brand, we focus on sustainability so that we can feel this freedom for as long as possible and say a big “yes man” to Mother Earth.

We take responsibility for people and nature and produce clothing and accessories that accompany you on your way outside.

Enjoy nature, respect it and keep your eyes open for the essential things in life.

We are JECKYBENG - an Eco Urban Outdoor Brand from Bavaria for rough stuff and the playground of life.

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