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With our pre-order option, we not only want to offer exclusive product experiences, but also focus on sustainability and demand-oriented production.

In the fashion industry, the concept of pre-ordering has become an important and sustainable tool. This innovative approach not only offers advantages for companies, but also creates a win-win situation for customers and the environment. We at JECKYBENG have recognized the advantages and importance of pre-ordering and would like to establish it as a permanent feature in the future.

Pre-ordering is worth it

1. Promote sustainability:
Pre-ordering allows us to produce precise quantities that correspond to actual demand. This way we avoid overproduction, reduce our ecological footprint and work more efficiently with resources.

2. Increase customer demands:
By pre-ordering, we receive direct feedback from our customers before the collection is officially released. This feedback enables us to identify the most popular designs and specifically include them in production. This way, we ensure that our collections meet our customers' tastes.

3. Optimize financial planning:
Pre-ordering means financial planning security, as customers buy their products in advance. This allows us to plan our resources better and use investments more effectively. For JECKYBENG, this means that we can maintain the quality of our products while creating a stable financial basis for future collections, while our customers benefit from pre-order discounts.

4. Consume more consciously
Pre-order promotes more conscious consumer behavior by allowing customers to only order what they really like and need. By focusing on timeless designs, we jointly promote a sustainable approach to short-lived fashion trends.

5. Strengthen customer loyalty:
The opportunity to participate in the design of the collection creates a closer bond with our community and fosters long-term customer relationships. We offer our loyal customers who choose to pre-order special benefits and the opportunity to purchase exclusive designs or limited editions.

Overall, the pre-order strategy offers numerous benefits that not only promote the sustainability and efficiency of our production, but also enable a closer relationship with our customers. By focusing on quality, sustainability and the wishes of our customers, we can further develop our brand and meet the changing demands of the fashion industry.