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Interview mit dem Grafik Designer Michael Wiethaus aka Der Butter

Interview with the graphic designer Michael Wiethaus aka Der Butter

JB: Can you briefly introduce yourself?

MW: Hello, I'm Michael Wiethaus, better known to many as Mixen. I am 37 years old and born in Freising. I grew up in the Munich area, but have been living and working in Munich for a long time as a graphic designer, artist and lecturer.

JB: Our collab tee "WHO THE BENG IS JECKY"

MW: It was great fun making the shirt with you guys! I just like it when you celebrate a brand and then a collaboration develops from it!

JB: Please tell us a little bit about you and Der Butter

© Constantine Tran

MW: About me? Haha, no idea, what do you want to know? As I said, I'm a graphic designer, full-time at the SHRN - Soo Hot Right Now skate shop here in Munich and lecture once a week at the Ifog Academy of Graphic Design. On the remaining days of the week I work as a freelance graphic designer on all kinds of commissions and projects, including my project #derbutter. The butter is a collection of Bavarian sayings and expressions that I try to preserve with handmade posters, prints and merchandise. I grew up with a dialect and, although my standard German is impeccable, certain words and expressions are often asked about. Also in Munich! I took this as an opportunity to collect these words and expressions in a small book and then transferred them to large formats for an exhibition a few years ago. Since then the project has grown steadily and I am now hanging in many apartments, offices and restaurants.

JB: What else are you working on?

MW: I'm actually only constantly working on #derbutter and for the SHRN skate shop . I'm in the shop there once a week and otherwise take care of our own productions, the newsletter and whatever else there is to do visually. The shop belongs to very good friends of mine and it's still a lot of fun even after almost 8 years. At the Ifog Academy I supervise the 3rd and 4th semester. The students work with me on their own typeface and the associated booklet or prepare for their practical semester with me. Ie we work out your portfolios together and visit different offices in Munich. In the little time I have left for free work, I actually do what I want. I always try to let my interests flow into my work, for example match posters for Panenka FC , a hobby soccer team I play for, or illustrations for the Mariposa Boxing Club , where I also box myself. A big project for next year will be my own cookbook. I always try to generate orders from these free things, which actually works quite well (knock on wood), haha!

JB: Do you have a favorite place?

MW: Limiting yourself to one would be mean! Well, I love being at home in Sendling right now, but I also love hanging out at my parents' nursery. I have to say that I feel really good in the store at the moment. But if you were to ask me that, I would choose the Viktualienmark, I like to go there often! One place I really miss right now is the Grünwalder Stadium, unfortunately you can't go in there at the moment. In general, I miss going to restaurants, bars or concerts, not because of my family but because of all the restrictions.

JB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

MW: Phew, in 5 years? By then we might already have our second child and because of the rental situation in Munich I hope that we have found something nice in Sendling that we can afford. Otherwise we still have the option to move out to the country to the nursery. A nice thought, but actually we would like to stay in Sendling. To be honest, I have no professional vision at all, I take everything as it comes. There is always work everywhere, maybe I will become a gardener after all, who knows, haha!

JB: What makes you happy?

MW: My family and friends make me happy. Especially my little son Vinzi and my Spatzl.

JB: Munich?

MW: Yes, that's probably something like "my place". I have the feeling of merging more and more with Munich, if you want to express it like that. I just feel good here.

JB: What does a typical day in the life of Michael Wiethaus look like?

MW: I don't really have a typical day or it changes every few weeks because of Vinzi. He's going to the crèche now, so I'll try to start there. So I get up, make coffee and breakfast and take Vinzi to the crèche. Then I either go to the office, to the shop or to Ifog and do what I'm doing. Then I pick up Vinzi, make the area unsafe with him or go to the playground. Then I'll cook something nice at home and then off into the trap!

JB: What comes to your mind when you hear the following keywords?

- Social media: curse and blessing

- Music: Accompanies me daily

-Role models: My parents and Dani

- Flow: Important!

- Inspiration: Keep your eyes and ears open!

- Adventure: I'm a shit, but like to take a thing or two with me!

You can find more of Michael's work here:

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