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Interview mit der Fotografin Franziska Kuttler

Interview with the photographer Franziska Kuttler

JB: Can you briefly introduce yourself?

FK: I'm Franzi, 27 years old. I come from a very small town in Thuringia and moved from the village to Berlin almost 9 years ago.

JB: How did you get into photography?

FC: When I was in high school, I held a camera in my hand for the first time. Unfortunately it got dusty on the shelf when I moved to Berlin and stayed there for a while. After my studies, I ended up in a start-up in the fashion industry, which is a Berlin cliché. At some point I dusted off my camera again and this time it became my daily companion. I quit my job, re-enrolled at university and started my own business as a photographer.

JB: What cameras do you shoot with?

FK: My main camera is a Canon 5D Mark IV and the classic 35mm lens. I still have a Sony Alpha for traveling and “to go”.

JB: Do you have a favorite motif? If yes, why this?

FK: There is no such thing as a favorite motif. But what fascinates me the most and I enjoy the most is fashion photography. Staging clothes, a big set - that's exciting every time!

JB: What project(s) are you currently working on?

FK: My biggest project is my podcast @fotofreudinnen , which I launched last year. The idea behind it is to have everything that one acquires very laboriously in photography - conducting models, finding customers, setting prices - bundled in one medium. Since women in the industry are often overlooked or not taken seriously, I focus on them and only invite female guests.

JB: How do you make your money?

FK: Luckily with my photography.

JB: What makes you happy?

FK: There's nothing like great natural light - when the sun casts shadows, falls through trees or reflects off the water.

JB: What does a typical day in Franziska Kuttler's life look like?

FK: Get up early, breakfast, walk the dog and then it's time for emails and other to-dos. Long lunch break including dog walk. I often spend the afternoon/evening on a shoot, after which we cook or I go out to eat with friends.

JB: What comes to your mind when you hear the following keywords?

- Social media: curse and blessing at the same time. I get a lot of inspiration from social networks and like to share my work with others. Unfortunately, social media still too often creates pressure to succeed or constant comparisons with others. It's actually unnecessary and stressful, but unfortunately I can't put it off completely yet.

- Music: Every day, all day. I actually listen to music from morning to night. Either to work in a relaxed manner or to push myself when things have to go faster.

-Role models: Successful founders and photographers. I like to be inspired by their female empowerment.

- Flow: I should get into a flow state more often. Most of the time I work through to-dos and plan a lot in advance. You should let yourself drift more often.

- Inspiration: I find it everywhere. Much, of course, from social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram or Behance. But also from magazines, books, films or certain lighting situations and places.

- Adventure: Vacation. Preferably somewhere in the mountains or on the water. The main thing is to get out of the city and into nature.

You can find more works by Franzi on her website:

She took these wonderful pictures for us.....

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