It almost ended up in the garbage due to production errors, but with some love and craftsmanship, we brought The DEAD STOCK DENIM JACKET back to life. The superfluous buttonhole was quickly closed and our favorite slogan "GO SHIT IN THE WOODS" in water-based colors now adorns the inside of the new denim jacket.

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As we all know, everything is always going differently than planned. Our plan: a SUP tour on water, where the Isar flows into the Sylvensteinsee. On the border with Austria lies the lake with its impressive mountain panorama. The perfect place for an adventure in nature.

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The story behind our 100% ORGANIC COTTON RIP STOP

It was a long road before we succeeded in manufacturing the fabric for The ORGANIC LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET  and The PADDED SHIRT. The Raw Material Until recently, super-light functional materials were considered the stronghold of the synthetic fiber industry. This sparked our interest and finally drove us to look for innovations. As filaments, synthetic fibers made of polyester and nylon have so-called endless threads, which in nature only occur in spider webs or natural silk.  It is precisely this property that makes it possible to turn this fiber into very thin and also tear-resistant fabrics. The key to success was therefore the fiber’s quality, length and fineness. Together with the "The Natural Laboratory", we started to look for natural fibers which are particularly long-stapled or...

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