With its PERKUNAS BALTIC SEA campaign, SEA SHEPHERD will send the Emanuel Bronner patrol vessel to the Baltic to continue the fight for the critically endangered Baltic harbor porpoises. SEA SHEPHERD is to receive particular support with this campaign from us – €100 from each “THE PERKUNAS JACKET” is to make a direct contribution to preserving the marine ecosystem. With this type of collaboration for a good cause, we are making a strong statement in support of thinking, living and acting sustainably!  „We hope that this special collab between SEA SHEPHERD and JECKYBENG will become a ‚Best Practice Model‘, because the scene is changing and new designers like usare no longer prepared to leave action to politicians, we want to get involved and make a difference.“ (Dominik Fuss, Co-Founder JECKYBENG)
Saving the harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea is the heart of the collaboration

The greatest threat to harbor porpoises is the risk of dieing in gillnets as by-catch. For over ten years, scientists have been demanding that by-catch is reduced to zero so that the declining populations can recover. However, with only approximately 500 animals remaining, the stock of Baltic harbor porpoises can recover only if a maximum of two animals drown in the lethal nets each year. Despite this, gillnet fishing is still permitted in the Baltic. The EMANUEL BRONNER will patrol the Baltic under the direction of SEA SHEPHERD Germany and, in doing so, document the numerous nets in protected areas and report illegal nets to the local authorities.


On purchasing the urban outdoor jacket, which is PFC-free and produced using sustainable methods from 100% water-repellent, organic cotton fabric as well as being covered by a lifetime repair service, SEA SHEPHERD will receive a considerable donation which equals a quarter of the retail price (€399) per jacket.  The blue paracord of the PERKUNAS JACKET has been adapted to the camouflage of the SEA SHEPHERD fleet. A large-scale version of the PERKUNAS emblem has been screen-printed onto the jacket, and the Jolly Roger – the death’s head used by “good pirates”– has also been included of course. It has been stitched onto the sleeve pocket.  – find out more in our shop


“Sea Shepherd is more than an organization, it is a movement, and you can be part of it,” is how SEA SHEPHERD founder Paul Watson sums up his life’s work. “We have adopted this philosophy, and we at JECKYBENG all dream that one day “THE JECKYBENG” will take to the waves as part of the SEA SHEPHERD fleet protecting the world's marine ecosystems,” is how Dominik Fuss (co-founder of JECKYBENG) describes his dream of helping this movement.