Until recently, we had only heard of the practice of throwing away unused products from media reports. Online merchants destroy returned goods and unsold items in large quantities when reprocessing the packaging is no longer lucrative. The clothing industry is not immune to such wasteful behavior, as we learned through the example of a denim jacket.

The jacket in question almost ended up in the garbage, as it was declared unsaleable due to production errors such as a missing breast pocket and buttonhole, and incorrect size labels. With some love and needlework we gave new life to this charming piece of clothing, so that it would find a new owner. The missing buttonhole was added in no time and can now be closed with a simple paracord knot. We also exchanged the size labels and sewed them in with our labels. Last but not least, the team at NEONOW in Stuttgart helped us print our favorite slogan "GO SHIT IN THE WOODS" with water-based colors inside the jacket.

So far this has been a very interesting, albeit novel, project for JECKYBENG, which was only possible with the permission of the brand for which the jacket was initially intended. We have great respect for their forward-thinking decision because, as always, we don’t simply want to point the finger, but work with others on new approaches and sustainable solutions.

The result is a jacket that lacks nothing - except maybe a second breast pocket. But hey, none of us is perfect! Available here