A journey to our taiwanese fabric manufacturer

Taiwan. The small island state is located 180 km east of China. In addition to the textile factory, in the u.a. The fabric produced for our Lightweight Jacket, Taiwan has many modern cities and traditional Chinese temples to offer. My journey took me to one of these modern cities - to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. After about 13 hours (and 9,204 km later) I land at 7:00 am in the morning in Taiwan with a lot of jet lag.

Just one hour after my arrival, I went straight to the HerMin Textile Co. Office. I was picked up by Jessica, who works as Research + Development Manager at Hermin Textiles. On site, Jeimy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, told me all about the history of HerMin. HerMin Textile Co. was founded in 1976 - in a year of a new era in Taiwan, where the economic transformation and export market flourished. At the beginning, HerMin focused on checkered fiber fabrics and mainly used fiber-cotton, including silk, linen and wool.

After the excursion to the office there followed a bit of tourist action - of course that should not be missing, if you are already in Taiwan. Jessica and I went on a city tour together so that I could experience something of Taipei. For the best view of Taiwan's metropolis Taipei we went to Elephant Mountain. Not far away, we were again taken to Taipei 101, the 509 m high skyscraper, which visually reminds of an oversized bamboo cane. If you did not know it, the building was considered the world's tallest building by 2010. By now it's the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with a height of over 828 m.

The next day we went with Taiwan's High Speed ​​Rail to the factories to Tainan. On my short trip to the island in the Western Pacific, I was given a rare insight into the production of the textile factory HerMin Textile and I was allowed to participate in the production and processing of our sustainable fabrics for The JACKET AND LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET. The Natural Laboratory - I could see how a cotton thread made our water-repellent cotton fabric and the cotton-RIP STOP. I can tell you, that's really fascinating.

DYING - WARPING - SIZING - WEAVING - INSPECTION & FINISHING - these are the stages of the process of making our two fabrics Valves and Leightweight. First, the cotton threads are dyed, then twisted (warping) and coated (sizing) to eventually weave a fabric from them. The finished fabrics are checked again critically whether they meet all requirements to make from them JECKYBENG's water-repellent cotton jacket, The JACKET or the light weight of only 490 grams LIGHTWEIGHT JACKET.