As we all know, everything is always going differently than planned. Our plan: a SUP tour on water, where the Isar flows into the Sylvensteinsee. On the border with Austria lies the lake with its impressive mountain panorama. The perfect place for an adventure in nature.
Back to our plan, after the tour, a night under the open sky should be the crowning glory. What was? The weather conditions made that impossible on this evening. It's a pity, but that's the end of adventures. The more uncertain, the better.

Despite that, my buddy Simon and I were allowed to enjoy a very cool tour through the last part of the rugged Isar Valley. We paddled through all weather conditions - from sunshine to a downpour that surprised us halfway - a great feeling to float in the pouring rain on the SUP ...

Our water-resistant companion The Rucksack accompanied us throughout the trip and even provided us with a cold beer during breaks. The perfect companion for trekking adventures in the wilderness or in the urban jungle - by bike, skateboard, snowboard or on the SUP. The waterproof design and innovative Oxford cotton fabric with permanent wax coating provides excellent water repellency. Developed in Germany and manufactured in Poland in a family-owned factory.

When the sky cleared, we stopped at the shore - our goal: a 5 meter high rock, which literally offered itself as a stepping stone into the water!
In summary, our trip to the Sylvensteinspeicher amidst nature was a unique experience. 13km surrounded by water, mountains and silence. A little break from the hustle and bustle of the big city and everything else that everyday life entails.