With this idea, we would like to give our Kiez-Pub on the corner a helping hand and virtually raise our glass. From now on 25% of every product bought online will be donated directly to Jörg&Nina thus to the Goldesel Berlin Charlottenburg. So raise your glass with us and buy like the holes. But please only considering your own financial situation and necessity !!!


In Corona's time, many restaurateurs (and of course others) fight for their existence. And it becomes particularly difficult when one of the restaurateurs is infected with the corona virus - as in the Berlin pub and JECKYBENG's pub "Goldesel".
In times of crisis, there is nothing better than to support as much as possible! For this reason, JECKYBENG also wants to help. As a society, we are now more than ever dependent on helping each other and acting with responsibility and foresight. Everything we were going to lose before the global crisis.
With the campaign "BUYING instead of drinking", the sustainable outdoor label is helping the owners of the "gold donkey" - Nina & Jörg - financially, because they too are badly affected by the current situation around the corona virus. So here is the idea: 25% of every JECKYBENG product bought online is donated directly to the little donkey in Berlin Charlottenberg, so that Berlin does not have to do without the varied selection of bottled beers, selected wines and a wonderfully cozy place to celebrate even after the Corona virus! #supportyourlocals

The boys from JECKYBENG are deeply moved by the solidarity of the people and the resilience of politics to act across all party interests. They too are challenged with creative food for thought to question the established social models and to challenge them with new concepts. In the next few weeks, some of these ideas will be presented on the homepage. Stay tuned.

"We are aware of the privileged situation we are in, as we are not solely dependent on the economic success of the JECKYBENG brand and our fixed costs are balanced, which is why we will help with our financial resources where help is urgently needed. Without a doubt, the world will be different after Corona - how different, we as a company have it in our own hands now! ”Says JECKYBENG owner Dominik Fuss.