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Interview mit der Reiseschriftstellerin und Globetrotterin Rochssare Neromand-Soma

Interview with travel writer and globetrotter Rochssare Neromand-Soma

Sustainable travel and being close to nature and local people are particularly important to me.

Since my trips can sometimes be strenuous, I attach great importance to the quality of my equipment and a small pack size - that's why I came across Jeckybeng.

JB: Can you briefly introduce yourself?
RN: Hey, I'm Rochssare, 36, a native of Hamburg with Iranian roots. I've been traveling constantly since 2011 and writing books about it. I travel slowly, preferably overland and hitchhiking if possible. I like to immerse myself deeply in the culture of the travel country, visit different corners and experience the life of the locals.

At the very beginning I was traveling in South America for two years and then took a crazy long hitchhiking trip from Germany to Indonesia.

I am currently in Morocco and will probably travel overland via Western Sahara and Mauritania to Senegal and Gambia. I like the idea of ​​taking a closer look around Africa
Rochssare Angkor Wat Cambodia

JB: How did you get into traveling & writing?
RN: I studied literature and media in the Ruhr area and flew to Argentina straight after my studies. That was in 2011. The travel blog about this trip, which was actually only intended for friends and family, became more and more popular and then the publisher asked me to publish excerpts of it as a book.

JB: What are the challenges of being a globetrotter?
RN: When you travel, you voluntarily put yourself in the situation of constantly being faced with problems that have to be solved somehow. Where am I sleeping today, what am I eating, how do I get from A to B, what is there to see there and what is the best way to do it?

There is no routine and every step actually has to be rethought. You have to adapt to new countries, cultures, customs and languages, sort out visa issues, travel to the next country on time, etc. Everyday things are a challenge because everything is always new and unknown. But that's what I like about traveling. Rochssare photo collage

JB: Do you have a favorite country or place? If so, why this one?
RN: I don't like the idea of ​​categorizing or rating the countries I've visited. I don't travel with this idea at all, because it's not primarily about whether I like a country or not.

I want to see what it's like there and understand why, for example, it's completely different here than there; Find differences but also similarities. But I always notice that almost all the stories I tell over coffee or a glass of wine come from my time in India. So I have to admit that India was a special experience for me because it is such an intensive travel destination.

JB: Can you tell us a little more about working on your current travel book and why we should read it?
RN: My last book "Gods, Gurus and Spices" reports on my two-year hitchhiking journey through India. And I seriously believe that there is no better country than India to write a book about. India is intense, full of colors, smells, people and stories that want to be told.

Rochssare-Laos JB: How do you earn money ?

RN: I actually earn my money with travel books, but I also live modestly, don't own much, etc. and now I know quite well how to travel well and cheaply.

JB: What makes you happy?
RN: When people ask me what makes me happy or what my dream is, I always have to realize that I am doing exactly what fulfills me and puts a smile on my face.

I like to travel, I like to be on the move, I like to learn and be proven wrong. I like to try new things and get to know new things. I'm happy when I get a little smarter every day and especially when I find fruits somewhere that I don't know yet. I like talking to people who have completely different lives and ways of thinking than me.

I like drinking coffee with people I like and if there's something to celebrate somewhere, I rarely say no.


JB: What does a typical day in the life of Rochssare Neromand-Soma look like ?
RN: I actually travel a lot. There is always something to see and discover. I walk a lot and I really like it. I like being in nature, the mountains are my favorite, but big cities are always exciting and being in the countryside always makes my heart soar.

Every now and then I take short travel breaks and stay for a few weeks in a place that I particularly like. Then I bring a bit of routine into my life, cook a lot, do a lot of exercise and yoga and take everything a little slower.
JB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?
US: I've never had an interview before, but that's exactly how I imagined it 😅

Hopefully in 5 years I will still be happy, satisfied, relaxed and full of energy and doing what I like best. But I can imagine many scenarios in which this is possible. This could be something completely different than what I'm doing now and actually nothing would surprise me.
JB: What comes to mind when you think of the following keywords?
Social Media: It's annoying at times, but it's a good way for me to stay in touch with people I meet on my journey and to get ideas about where to go next.
Music: Very important and always there; can change the energy of an entire day.
Role models: Good people who are at peace and happy with themselves. .

Flow: Is when things are just going well. For me personally that means, preferably spontaneously, always open to new things, seeing what comes and what happens and adapting to it.

Inspiration: Other people's life stories.
Adventure: I obviously can't do without it.

Nature : Very important for charging the batteries.
Sources and more information:
Rochssare books
JECKYBENG Outfit : Seaman Sweater, Short Jacket, The Petterson Hat

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