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INTERVIEW mit der Textildesignerin und Shop-Besitzerin Stephanie Kahnau

INTERVIEW with the textile designer and shop owner Stephanie Kahnau

We've been at Stephanie's Concept Store for a few years now and thought it was about time we found out a little more about you.

JB: Can you introduce yourself?
SK: Stephanie Kahnau, 36 years old - born near Stuttgart.

I studied textile design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and have been in Munich for about 10 years.

JB: Please tell us a little bit about the HERE store ?
SK: The HIER store has been in Haidhausen for 5 years now. Before that there was the Ruffini's pop up store in the city center, the predecessor model so to speak :-) An interim store space that was funded by the city of Munich and was a perfect starting point to test the concept and enrich the city center with local design.

We developed this concept further and this is how the HIER store came about. A concept store with local and fair brands, a shop in shop concept with the opticians Jules&Mel and the studio space. So there are four of us, the textile designer Eva Schlechte is also part of our team, a total area of ​​about 130 square meters and I have the opportunity to work in my studio right next to the shop.

JB: What project(s) are you currently working on?
SK: First and foremost I am a designer and have had my label STEPHANIE KAHNAU for about 10 years. Unique items are created here with a focus on surface processing such as screen printing, dyeing techniques or experimental processing, which are only available in the HIER store and are also produced there.

I also teach at various universities and colleges in the field of fashion and textiles, give lectures and workshops.
And I really enjoy developing concepts and cooperations with other labels, museums or artists.
Actually everything that has to do with textiles :-) A book project is also currently being planned.

JB: Do you have a favorite place?
SK: I prefer to be where the people I like to be with are.

JB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
SK: In a situation where I'm happy and can achieve my goals - like right now. I let myself be surprised at what that could look like in 5 years and try to be open to everything.

JB: What makes you happy?
SK: Nice and inspiring people around me and challenges. Beautiful materials, haptics and craftsmanship - a piece of cake never hurts :-)

JB: What does a typical day in Stephanie Kahnau's life look like?
SK: Usually very different - but I don't leave the house without breakfast :-)
Then , of course, you can find me spending most of my time in the HIER store and in my studio. There I take care of all matters concerning the store, work on my projects and I'm always surprised who comes in the door next.

JB: What do you think of when you hear the following keywords?

Social Media: To be used with caution, but not to be underestimated as a platform to present your work and to get in contact with other artists.
Music: a constant companion that is sometimes more present and sometimes more in the background.
Role models: People who fight and work for their ideas and ideals, who have the big picture in mind and who change things with energy and passion - no matter in which area.

Inspiration: trite but always applicable – to be found everywhere.
If you walk through the world with open eyes and ears , everything and everyone can be an inspiration. Sometimes difficult to implement in everyday life when your head is full of all the to-do's :-)

Adventure: Sometimes the normal everyday life!

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