JB: Can you briefly introduce yourself?
MH: Habadere. My name is Michael Honig. I was born in Hirschau in Upper Palatinate and am 29 years old.

JB: How did you get into rapping?
MH: I got into rapping when I was 14 or 15, buddy. He wrote texts for fun and I was keen on it. At the beginning I typed up texts from Blumentopf and KKS on the computer, learned them by heart, grabbed them in the schoolyard and gave everyone a run for their money. I was always a guy who attracted attention everywhere. Spada then wore his own texts. Some kind of pastime is what everyone is looking for during puberty.

JECKYBENG in an interview with the Bavarian rapper Michael Honig aka BBou.

JB: Which project(s) are you currently working on?
MH: I currently finished my new album “Idylle”. The tracks have all already been gmastered. I'll take care of the cover design, matching merchandise items, video shoots and everything else that goes with it in order to present the whole thing to the public. By the way, the thing will be released at the end of November on CD, digital and, for the first time, vinyl.

JB: How do you make your money?
MH: Since I lost my job in a metal foundry where I worked for 15 years due to bankruptcy at the end of 2015, I'm trying to earn my money mainly through music for the first time in my life. Before it was just a hobby on the side and now it's my “main job”. Let's see if I can keep myself afloat.

Music: The best thing that happened to me was hod kinna


JB: Is there a favorite place? If so, why this one?
MH: My favorite places are all where there are mostly koane guides on the go. I like to relax and hang out in forests, meadows or other places free from the hustle and bustle.
Every now and then I'm around people and want to party, but in principle crowds don't improve the quality of my well-being much.

JECKYBENG in an interview with the Bavarian rapper Michael Honig aka BBou.

JB: What makes you happy?
MH: When I hear from people that I give them hope and a positive direction forward in life. I am happy to entertain people with my art and to accompany them through different situations in life. I write down things that concern me in my life, both positive and negative. In doing so, I hope that other people don't feel alone with exactly these things and realize that they are not the odd ones who feel out of place in the system that often doesn't really run in a humane way.

JB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
MH: More conscious of myself (hopefully).

JB: Tell us more about your home village of Wolfsbach.
MH: Wolfsbach is a small village in the Amberg-Sulzbach district in the Upper Palatinate. Since I grew up there, that's why I feel most comfortable. I cycle for a few kilometers and am in the middle of nature. It's definitely chilled out and far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The main drawback is that a lot of people here always live under the moon, pouring beer on their heads every day and, on the other hand, viewing potheads as serious criminals. I would definitely describe some of them as “robots”. Where Bauer doesn't know anything, I'm sure it's a good idea... I'll definitely find it.

Typical day
Sitting on my e-bike, which has become my main means of transport, because because of my chill, I no longer sit as a driver in a car, even though I have a driving license, and drive across the country with it. I live as young as a Zigeina. Sometimes dao aaf da Couch penna, sometimes dao aaf da Couch penna, meeting interesting people, maintaining contacts and making music.

Social Media: Great because you can connect with like-minded people without much hassle. This gives you strength and motivation. I would happily go to my village because there are very few people who have the same attitude towards life as me.

Music: The best thing that happened to me was hod kinna

Role models: There are people who inspire me in my life, but they are not role models in that sense.

Flow: When everything is in flow, everything runs smoothly. If you develop a feeling for the koa, then you can put obstacles in your own way. Everything in the universe is based on vibrations. Everything is an endless flow. You just have to manage to surrender to it all. Is my opinion.

Inspiration: All the people around me who don't take life too seriously and have kept their inner child, or at least as much as they can in our performance society.

Adventure: It's Whole Life.

BBou's webpage: Bavarian Bou