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Ein Wintertag in den Dolomiten

A winter day in the Dolomites

Equipped with a few Jeckybeng products, we were allowed to follow Alina and her boyfriend on a beautiful winter day in the Dolomites and our new lightweight winter jacket also performed well!

The beeping of my alarm clock wakes me from my sleep. Seven o'clock. I roll around in my sleeping bag again briefly while the world outside my car is still in the frosty twilight. I slowly drag myself out of the warm sleeping bag. My dog ​​looks at me expectantly. At least someone who doesn't mind the cold. Because lying around in the car is only half as exciting as finally going boarding on the slopes, I open the door of my car. Cold air flows through the car and my breathing forms little clouds in the air. I quickly get dressed and go for a walk.

Then we finally get started: We head for a long pass towards the Alpe di Siusi and suddenly find ourselves in perfect sunlight. The snowy landscape around us invites us to take some photos in the car - an unexpected bonus on the way to our actual destination.

After the short stop, we stop at a snowy parking lot at the lift, grab our boards and prepare for the first descent of the day. Last night there was finally fresh snow and we were able to have fun in the powder.

After a few hours, around 2 p.m., we take a short break at the car and our dog joins us. He jumps back and forth excitedly and barks with joy. It's finally starting! We put his harness on and then we finally get started. We take him to the slopes for a descent.

When we get back to the parking lot, we quickly put on our shoes and go for a short walk in the snowy winter landscape. We breathe in the clear winter air and the snowy landscape. The view of the snow-covered peaks of the Dolomites creates a magical atmosphere.

At around 4 p.m. we head towards the lift again before darkness falls. The piste has now emptied and we do two more runs and have them almost entirely to ourselves.

When we get to the car, we grab our boards, strap them back onto our car and pack up our things before getting into the car to start the journey back to the parking space.

The sun has already set and a few small flakes are falling from the sky. And even though we're incredibly excited to get into bed, we can look back on a day full of fun, action and unforgettable impressions.

Now we would like to introduce Alina to you in more detail:
Hellooo, I'm Alina and I come from Rheingau-Taunus in Hesse. I'm 24 years old and my friends would describe me as adventurous. Together with my two dogs, a husky and a terrier mix, I explore the world in a frog-green Land Rover Discovery 2 and, in addition to being self-employed as a photographer and editor, I work as a project manager.
The only time I stay in one place for longer is when I have to work on my car, because as soon as I'm at home for a longer period of time, I can't wait to get out and explore the world again, because there's so much to see out there !

And how did you get into photography?
As a child, I already had my grandparents' old cameras with film in my hands. Later I captured our family vacations with my first small digital camera. At the age of 14 I bought my first SLR camera - I was proud! No girlfriend was safe from me anymore and everyone had to serve as a model. When no one had time, I went exploring in nature. Nature and traveling have always fascinated me, which is why when I was 18 I bought my first VW bus with my savings with my boyfriend and went on an exploration tour to Scandinavia for 3 months. Here I discovered my love for landscape photography and documentary photography, which continues to this day.

You can find more about Alina here on Instagram: @linabroeder

Thank you for your nice report and the great photos!

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