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Distilling The PLUM SCHNAPS

JECKYBENG's plum schnapps

Washing the plums

After pulping 180Kg of beautiful Frankonian plums we could start the mash. 

JECKYBENG's plum schnappsJECKYBENG's plum schnapps Acidification of the mash JECKYBENG's plum schnapps

After a six week wait the fermented liquid was expertly distilled in the nearby Blaufelder Distillery.

JECKYBENG's plum schnapps

First glaze: 78% alcohol JECKYBENG's plum schnapps

The result, a schnapps we're really proud of!

First glaze: 78% alcohol

JECKYBENG x OBSTWIESN plum schnapps in a limited edition is now available in our online shop

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