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Why we support Togohilfe e.V. is best told by Thomas Lang, one of the co-founders of JECKYBENG.

Why we support Togohilfe e.V. is best told by Thomas Lang, one of the co-founders of JECKYBENG.


My name is Thomas Lang and I have a very personal story
with Togo, which I would like to share here.

In January 2013 I traveled with my wife to Togo to get to know our adoptive son Gabriel and to return together to Berlin after 4 weeks staying in Lomé. Without doubt this was the most emotional time in my life so far. Since then I have a close relationship with the country and the people from Togo.

In preparation for the trip, I got in touch with Togohilfe e.V. through a personal colleague. The association has supported us from the start with our planning, especially through Aime, who controls all projects in Togo.. During this time I learned a lot about your projects and was able to convince myself of the great commitment on site.

Since then I have been personally supporting Togo help and, among other things, I am voluntarily responsible for the website www.togohilfe.de and social media. For my 40th birthday I gave up all gifts and for the first time I was busy collecting money for my own Togo aid project.

With € 1,500, 6 years ago I had a vital well built in Togo. Through my personal contacts and direct insight into the association, I can guarantee that all donations arrive 100% on site and that the association oversees the projects on site permanently and transparently! Here you can find out more about the annual trips and projects


In April our families and other supporters had planned a 14-day trip to Togo to visit, among other things, numerous projects such as the training centers in Agerto.
Unfortunately this had to be canceled due to the Corona crisis and now I would like to help with JECKYBENG and your numerous support! 

The Corona virus has now reached West Africa, including Togo.

In contrast to Germany, the health system there is poor and many people have no access to medical infrastructure at all.

This is not only a concern for the residents. Already at the beginning of the epidemic, the WHO said that the main concern is that COVID 19 would spread to countries with poor health systems. At the moment, the number of official cases of infection is quite small, which is largely due to the fact that there are hardly any tests on site. The Togolese government has already closed the airports and borders to limit the infection.

Aime our coordinator at Togo

“Helping people to help themselves” is the guiding principle

In line with the principle of "Helping people to help themselves" according to which the Rheinbacher Togo-Hilfe e.V. works, the chairman Michael F. Firmenich sent numerous preventive measures to his coordinator in Togo weeks ago. For example, as a memory aid for correct hand washing, humming "Happy Birthday" twice in a row.

He also sent sewing patterns for the manufacture of protective masks to the AGERTO vocational training center, which the seamstresses have already successfully implemented. In the meantime, this is also becoming a major challenge. Fabric is required to manufacture the masks, which can only be obtained in a large market. Large crowds of people are usually on this and so far only a few people comply with hygiene measures.

Support is needed

Therefore, the association "Togo-Hilfe e.V." relies on support to provide financial resources for the three AGERTO locations. So hygiene and protective measures should be taken care of, such as hand disinfectants, protective masks and small hand washing systems (consisting of a bucket with a tap).

Pre-Order Kickback for Togo-Hilfe e.V.

For the trust and support of our pre-order customers we give back a kickback of over 20%. The customer can keep this as a discount or just support a social project.
Of course, direct donations are also welcome regardless of us and you can find all information at www.togohilfe.de

Thanks for your support
Thomas Lang & JECKYBENG-Team

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