JECKYBENG's Zwetschgen Schnaps

Washing the plums

After pulping 180Kg of beautiful Frankonian plums we could start the mash. 

JECKYBENG's Zwetschgen SchnapsJECKYBENG's Zwetschgen SchnapsAcidification of the mashJECKYBENG's Zwetschgen Schnaps

After a six week wait the fermented liquid was expertly distilled in the nearby Blaufelder Brennerei.

JECKYBENG's Zwetschgen Schnaps

First glaze: 78% alcoholJECKYBENG's Zwetschgen Schnaps

The result, a schnapps we're really proud of!

First glaze: 78% alcohol

JECKYBENG x OBSTWIESN Zwetschgenschnaps in a limited edition is now available in our onlineshop