This wonderful photo story was created by our collaboration with the photographer Susann Probst, well-known for her vegetarian food blog KRAUTKOPF,  who portrayed her mother Andrea (multiple German champion in longbow shooting) with our JACKET.

Exactly 9 years ago, I watched archers doing their training and was fascinated by the calmness that came from them. Since I was looking for a balance to my former work, as a self-employed bookseller, this sport was very accommodating to me. Archery promotes concentration, strengthens the back muscles, helps relieve stress and come to rest. In order to better pursue my passion for archery, I closed my bookstore, reoriented myself professionally and moved to another federal state.

Not only do I train 5 to 7 times a week to improve my bow and arrow skills, but I also work as a commercial employee in archery and have been an Intuitive Archery Trainer since this spring. Archery can be practiced indoors and outdoors. Since I like being in nature and tournaments and competitions not only in the sunshine, but also in rain, I was looking for a suitable outerwear, which protects me from wind, rain and cold, but still not in mine Freedom of movement restricts. Through my daughter I became aware of the jacket of JECKYBENG.

Although this was not developed for archery, I can still recommend it for it. I'm particularly excited about the hood. Since you have to align your hips and shoulders at 90 degrees to the target as an archer and also have to turn your head to focus in that direction, I was hindered earlier by the hoods of my jackets in the field of vision. By cutting the jacket eliminates this restriction.

Although the fabric of the leisure jacket is relatively firm, I have full freedom of movement and can concentrate on my shot build-up and movement, as well as the goal. The jacket is long enough that my back stays warm and protected despite all movements. She will definitely accompany me on my future archery adventures.