Outside with Alexander Kopatz

Almost three years ago we did a super interesting interview with Alex which you can find here. So last week Alex sent us these amazing pictures featuring The JACKET (first edition which he got via our Kickstarter campaign) and The RUCKSACK


Kongsfjord is a small village located in the far north in Norway, on the Varanger Peninsula, at the coast of the Barents Sea. Here you can find one of the most spectacular blinds for shelter against the ever changing elements and a fantastic spot for bird watching. But moreover, a perfect place to experience the immense scale of the north and breath in the pure awesomeness of the Arctic.

Mountain areas

These photos were made while scouting in summer for good photo spots in the mountainous areas of Norway. Specifically, I roamed around the shooting locations of “Ex Machina” but also visited a few very touristic areas, which I most likely would like to avoid next time. As always, the time period is always too short to explore all the beautiful places nearby any location.