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Beyond Natural Stretch

This year, Jeckybeng, together with its partner Hermin Textile, is presenting a milestone in the development of circular textiles, the so-called Beyond Natural Stretch BNS or Bouncy Technology for short.

Initial situation

Material blends with elastane have become an indispensable part of the comfort, underwear and sports textiles sector. Hardly any yoga leggings can do without this blend when it comes to optimal freedom of movement and feel-good effects. Conventional elastane, which is usually added in small quantities, is not biodegradable as a synthetic fiber and poses major challenges to the recyclability of clothing production. It is not uncommon for these textiles to be shipped abroad or, at best, processed into cleaning rags.

With regard to the much-discussed eco-design criteria, the addition of elastane at first glance has a positive effect on the durability of the textiles. The fiber can return to its original shape many times. At some point, however, this state comes to an end. The material breaks into small pieces that are visible as polyurethane hairs and release microplastics and, in the worst case, even plasticizers.

The Natural Laboratory

Together with the Hermin team, we therefore asked ourselves how to achieve elasticity, durability and optimal recovery behavior in a monomaterial. A question that we have already asked ourselves for other functions such as wind and water resistance as part of our Natural Laboratory project . Here, too, the answer lies in a mechanical process.


Natural materials treated with our BNS Bouncy technology are denser than woven or knitted fabrics of the same fineness. To achieve stretches of up to 10% , they must be shrunk by 25% in the dyeing process. Therefore, after wearing or washing, the textile will follow its nature and always return to its original shape.

In conjunction with our EZ Dye technology, we were able to shorten the dyeing time from 6 to 2 hours by lowering the process temperature and reduce dye consumption by 60% , while at the same time achieving better dyeing results. The reduction in dyes brought another important insight, because according to the principle "less is more", less chemicals means significantly higher light and wash fastness of our 100% natural textiles.

As a result, avoiding elastane and saving energy, time, chemicals and alkali makes more sense not only ecologically but also economically.

Bouncy technology proves that an idea is only good if it seems impossible.

Excellent cooperation

The partnership and cooperation was recently awarded the German Sustainability Award!

International German Sustainability Award