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Zum Weltkindertag spenden wir 20% der Umsätze an Street Child Deutschland e.V.

For World Children's Day, we donate 20% of sales to Street Child Germany eV

Today, September 20th, for World Children's Day, we would like to donate 20% of the daily sales to the non-profit organization Street Child Deutschland eV . based in Nuremberg, whose aim is to create educational opportunities for children in need.

Street Child Germany e.V.

After a short conversation with Florian Weimert (Director Street Child Europe) , we would like to support the project to initiate primary school education for at least 1000 children in 5 very remote villages in Maryland County in southeast Liberia. Florian has been to Liberia himself and got to know the team there: "This project is very important to me because the area is so extremely remote."

The region has the highest poverty rates in Liberia, including the highest levels of extreme poverty (38.7%) and absolute poverty (78.9%). In addition, Maryland County is characterized by a lack of infrastructure and the resulting low school enrollment rates. The average literacy rate in Maryland, Grand Kru, and River Gee is only 63%, progressively deteriorating in rural areas and nearing zero in the most remote rural areas. Large non-governmental organizations like USAID do not work in the south-eastern districts, nor do the Liberian government have sufficient resources there.

The Street Child of Liberia team has already identified 2 clusters, each consisting of 3 communities, where children currently have little access to schooling: Harper District and Sodoken District. For children in the Putuken Community (Harper District), for example, canoes are currently the only way to get to school. The third cluster will be identified by the Street Child team this month.

The program will be based on Street Child's successful low-cost “Rural Schools” model in Sierra Leone, with context-specific modifications for Liberia.

This project gives particularly disadvantaged children access to a quality primary education in a safe and stable learning environment. In addition, the rural target communities are given the capacity to successfully run their schools in a sustainable manner.

125 million children worldwide cannot go to school.
Support the non-profit organization with your order today
Street Child Germany registered association

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