Tammy’s & Tim’s trip to Brussels

Hi, we’re Tammy & Tim. She’s a marine biologist, he’a journalist. Together we’re exploring what it means to live a good life. We current live in Luxembourg and enjoy photographing our travels. We’re both living minimalistic and sustainable lifestyles. Being conscious to what one buys is extremely important to us as it takes an enormous amount of energy and resources to produce the products that many people buy on a whim. That’s why we’ve been following JECKYBENG for years and why Tim owns their Jacket, the wool blanket and now the Rucksack.


We discovered the JECKYBENG brand by chance through Instagram and we were immediately impressed; everything is designed in-house and made by hand, putting the environment first.


As it was Tammy’s Birthday weekend, we were having a good time in Brussels, enjoying the good weather and having everything packed into the Rucksack that we needed during the day! Later, we made our way to the north of the city to our main destination, the Pannenhuis metro station.

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