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Mechanical Pencil

  • writes on wood and stone
  • Made of solid brass
  • Integrated lead pointer
  • Perfect for sketching and drawing
  • featuring three 5.5 mm size colored leads

We teamed up with famous german pen maker Kaweco and chose the SKETCH UP to deliver you a perfect urban outdoor pencil which writes not only on paper but on wood and stone.

The sustainable approach: Replaceable leads. Lasts a lifetime!

The Sketch Up Clutch Lead Holder features Kaweco's signature octagonal barrel, giving it a robust and sturdy look. Made of solid brass, the lead holder has an antique feel. Perfect for sketching and drawing, especially with soft leads, this holder accepts leads sized 5.4 to 5.7 mm. A lead pointer is conveniently integrated into the removable push button at the top. This lead holder features a raw brass finish. It has a noticeable metallic scent that can transfer to the user's hand for a short time after use. A 5.5 mm 5B graphite lead comes inside the holder as well as a pack of three 5.5 mm size colored lead: red, blue and green leads.

Kaweco was first established in 1883 as a dip pen factory in Heidelberg, Germany. In 1971, Kaweco obtained a license to produce a line of chunky hexagonal  Sport pens for the 1972 XX Olympic Games in Munich, West Germany.