Donation of 2.000 face masks to German Diakonie Care network

Together with our Taiwanese partner Hermin Textile and Bio-Kil®, we donated 2.000 face masks to Diakonie Care Network at Berlin.


Jenny Pieper-Kempf, public relations

"We are really pleased about the donation! Our nurses can use the face masks very well for their daily work people in need of care! "

The Diakonie care network includes eleven Diakonie stations throughout Berlin. With around 800 employees, they are among the largest outpatient care providers in Berlin. They currently supply around 1,800 care customers in all city districts. The face mask protects both the nursing staff and the patients.

The mask consists of 2 layers. Each layer has a specific function and is perfectly adapted to its intended purpose. Both the outer and inner layers are tightly woven and equipped with a highly effective antibacterial agent* to provide maximum protection for the wearer and his or her surroundings. For particularly sensitive situations, such as a visit to the hospital, a medical mask can be inserted between the 2 layers.

The patented antibacterial properties are based on a complex physical principle in which positively charged, microscopic spines attract the negatively charged outer walls of bacteria and cause them to burst like soap bubbles. This technology was introduced into the public air filtration systems of several major Asian cities during the first SARS epidemic in 2003 and has proven to be very effective in combating the spread of viruses and bacteria. As it consists of natural components and contains no heavy metals such as silver and zinc, it is classified as harmless to the respiratory tract.


• Outer layer: 100% cotton (antibacterial)
• Intermediate layer: 100% organic cotton
• Lining: 100 % cotton (antibacterial)
• The base material including the equipment is tested according to AATCC-100. It retains its antibacterial properties even after 50 washes.