The JACKET tested in the Faroe Islands and Iceland

We both wore JECKYBENG’s “The JACKET” during a road trip this summer.

It accompanied us to Germany, Austria, Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland.

We found it ideal for the harsh environments of the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Hand-sewn from eco-friendly materials, it is comfortable, versatile and kept us dry and warm hiking in heavy Icelandic rain and strong Faroese winds.

An excellent travel companion, its different from the offerings of more mass-market brands. Made from a unique waterproof cotton fabric, it’s ideal for our everyday lives; from a rainy photographic walk to excursions in the highest mountains.

We both wore JECKYBENG “Jacket” during our car trip this summer. They accompanied us to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland. We found them ideal especially for the climates we found at Faroe and in Iceland. Hand sewn exclusively with eco-friendly materials, they are comfortable, versatile and suitable for walking under the thick Icelandic rain and to shelter from the strong wind on the Faroe.  Excellent travel companions, different from the usual jackets of the big factories. Made of waterproof cotton, they have been ideal for our everyday life, from a simple photographic walk in the rain to an excursion to the highest mountains. 

We discovered the JECKYBENG brand by chance through Instagram and we were immediately impressed; everything is designed in-house and made by hand, putting the environment first.

In our experience the waterproof cotton fabric is extremely robust and long-lasting; in fact we plan to use The JACKET for an adventure in the snow this coming winter.

Once again we’d like to thank Moritz for providing us with all the gear we needed, patiently advising us and ensuring that it was all to our liking.

It was a true pleasure to take our JECKYBENG clothing around the world (of course), and we look forward to wearing it much more in the future.

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