The JACKET on Amrum

Our good friend Philipp sent us these great pics from his Dad wearing JECKYBENG's The JACKET in Amrum.

JB: Why Amrum?

PJ: For me, Amrum is a retreat, a place of atmosphere, a place of photography, a place of weather.  It is perhaps the perfect location to find one’s resting place. Here things come back to life.

This is where the world starts for me and at the same time stops again. This is particularly noticeable during long walks on the wide beaches and through the dunes. Then when the view is lost in the distance, the soul goes for a walk.

The ferry takes about 2 hours from the mainland to the island. Yet on Amrum, the clocks run a little differently. The day is based more on the tides, weather and nature. Our hectic society immediately recedes into the background.


JB: Why were you there with your dad?

PJ: To take pictures of your jacket there of course 😉 No, we took some needed time for repair work on my Grandmas apartments. We enjoyed having time for each, detached from the rest of the bustle of the fast world. We had quiet, deep conversations, simply enjoyed the time for each other.

Head over to Philipp’s website to see more stunning photos FYLYP

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