If you need some stand up paddling advice than look to JECKYBENG's MO&PIMON. They will show you the right technique and how to avoid attacks of bad sea dwellers ...
MO&PIMON by JECKYBENG show you how to forecast the weather without your mobile phone. Examine the clouds. The types of clouds in the sky, as well as the direction in which they're moving, can tell you a lot about upcoming weather.
Poisonous wild-picked mushrooms can be mistaken for edible mushrooms. Extreme care is advised when picking them outdoors. As with other psychedelics such as LSD, the experience, or "trip", is strongly dependent upon set and setting, outdoor skills with MO&PIMON by JECKYBENG
Outdoor Skills with MO&PIMON, Which Tree To Fell, JECKYBENG
In this episode you gonna learn from the urban outdoor experts MO&PIMON how to climb on a tree.
For the right fire spot look for an open location away from decaying leaves and animals. See the dangerous spot which MO&PIMON chose
For the second time we join Bright Tradeshow which will bring Outdoor Aesthetics as a concept and space to the upcoming show. They will feature brands that master the challenge, using high-tech materials and contemporary design to differentiate their products from traditional markets. Here, function meets style. JECKYBENG is proud to be once again a part of this great project.
Character Design for „MO“. which meant that Mr. Papriko had to take the vanity of JECKYBENG's Mo into account. "Sorry man, he's too small!" "Oh no, man. Not as thick!" "Please, without the belt!" "The hat should look like a fisherman's hat not like a condome!" "No sandals. Just barefoot!" "A little bit taller....."
Mit dieser Skizze von MO's Anatomie könnt' ihr mal direkt in ihn hineinschauen. Ihr erfahrt aus was MO besteht und wie er funktioniert.
Ihr habt' Euch bestimmt schon gefragt wie sich eigentlich MO&PIMON kennengelernt haben. Schaut' Euch mal den Comic dazu an...