THE JACKET trailer

As urbanites, we are searching to find inspiration and equilibrium in nature. But why do we do this wearing an over-engineered garment made of plastic and looking like we are going to battle with nature?
And why do we have a jacket for every occasion in our wardrobes – one for the city and one for the outdoors?
Get inspired by the trailer to The Urban Outdoor JACKET: Kickstarter campaign has started!

Follow the link:  THE JACKET kickstarter campaign

All these questions have encouraged us to design an urban outdoor collection made entirely from natural materials.

Our first piece is “The Urban Outdoor JACKET” made out of a 100% organic cotton, swiss fabric which is weatherproof from the freezing summits of the alps to the hot winds of the Savanna. A totally windproof barrier protecting you from wind-chill. A unique PFC-free finish provides outstanding water repellency. Uniquely spun fibres swell to stop ingress of water. Warm when it ‘s cold and cool when it ‘s hot. The most breathable weatherproof fabric available. As comfortable as wearing a cotton shirt.

A long coat inspired by a classic military parka, updated with an outstanding fabric, great trims and a contemporary fit. Constructed from authentic waterproof cotton. This is an all season jacket.
Great cut, huge pockets and pro hood.