MO & PIMON #7 | “How to start a fire?”

outdoor brand from bavaria for quality goods to venture out. He works with a team of sustainability geeks, Journalists, Textile engineers, Entrepreneurs, Photographers and storytellers. What they all have in common is the love of being in nature. New outdoor skills with Mo&Pimon. How to start a fire?
New outdoor skills with Mo&Pimon: “How to start a fire?”


It’s all about arranging the wood. Use tiny tinder pieces of wood for a nest. Then drill a hole with a knife into a stub.

Take a spindle stick between your two flat palms and roll the spindle back and forth until you get an ember.

Place this ember into your nest and start blowing gently till you create a flame.


Swiss designer mr.Papriko of creative studio PAPRIKO Ink., illustrates, designs characters, creates graphics and typographical stuff. Besides he also draws, paints and takes care of the Papriko family, a bunch of whimsical characters, such as for example “Pimon”, the guy featured in this column. Mr.Papriko is currently living in Japan with his wife and two kids.

Have a look at his website to see more awesome stuff of him: mr. Papriko
PAPRIKO Ink. joins the JECKYBENG family with an own column where ‘MO & PIMON’ take you on sarcastic and ironic outdoor adventures. ‘PIMON’, the chilli super hero from downtown Tokyo and a newbie to outdoor activities is honored to hang out with outdoor celebrity ‘MO’ and learns first hand what it takes to enjoy and survive in the rough bavarian woods and beyond.